Smith & Baxter

Smith & Baxter

Tradition Reborn

A New Vision of Excellence

Steeped in history and heritage, with bold flavors true to the spirit of the age, Smith & Baxter is the tobacco experience reborn for a new generation, where centuries of tradition blend seamlessly with modern vaping.

Authentic Tobacco Flavor

Each of our tobacco inspired flavors is expertly blended and hand crafted to deliver a complex, uniquely authentic experience.

Always In Good Form

Our wide range of products assures that you never have to compromise when it comes to selecting the right flavor and device for the right occasion.

Taste, Fully

So much more than an e-cigarette, yet so much less cumbersome than a bulky custom vaporizer, this elegant new system, paired with S&B e-liquids, ensures that premium vaping is never a bother, completely satisfying, and always within reach.

My. Von Erl.

Designed in Austria, the My. Von Erl. is revolutionizing vaping technology across the globe with its innovative European style, engineering, and exceptional flavor delivery.

Family of Products

All of our e-liquid products are available in the full range of tobacco flavors and a variety of nicotine levels.

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